PHP Syntax

You can write a PHP script by starting angle bracket + question mark + php and ending with "?>".

File Extension

The default file extension for a PHP file is ".php". For example, OmerDemo.php.

How to Write Comments in PHP?

There are three ways to write comments. One is using "//". Second is using hash sign "#". Third way is used for Multi-line comments using /* and */.

// This is a single line comment using double slash

# This is a single line comment using hash sign

This is a multi-line commenting
way which consists of more than one lines.

Case Sensitivity in PHP

In PHP, all variables are case-sensitive.
For constants, we can tell at the time of declaration/initialization that either to consider this particular constant as case-sensitive or case-insensitive.
All user defined functions, classes and keywords are case-insensitive.

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